Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's a boy Mrs. Walker it's a boy

Tommy reference for you in the know.

The day finally came where we can stop calling the baby "it" or "Lebron/Lebronda". Once again the little man was moving around quite a bit and they weren't able to get all the pictures done or take a good whole baby picture. Poor Lisa was on the table for 45 minutes. The doctor said everything was looking great. Here are some of the ultra sound pictures.

The baby showing off his Mick Jagger lips.

The babies feet. (We're leaning towards a Nike endorsement but still waiting to hear back from Adidas)

Baby Junk. Its a boy.

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  1. Yea!! Levi is so excited to have a new buddy. I would go with the Adidas endorsement, myself. When are we going to get to see pics of Nashy???