Friday, September 11, 2009

We're Going Mo-Bile

It has been a month since we updated this and I figured after attending our first baby class last night it was a good time. Its been a busy past few weeks. My parent's came to visit two weekends ago and last weekend was Labor Day weekend. We painted the babies room and bought a crib. This weekend we'll start getting the guest room moved upstairs and fully transform it into Lebron's Lair.

Last Saturday we head down to Altamont, TN. A fellow I've been playing with, Trapper Haskins (, had a Hill Billy Golf Tournament. He lives on a 12 acre farm near the Cumberland Plateau which is about a hour south east of Nashville. We didn't particapte in the tournament, but we did get to eat some of the cow he had slaughtered for the event. My friend Ry (Cormic's father) and I also played a few songs with him. Here are some pictures that Ry's wife took. Oh and the mason jar is some Grundy County Moon Shine. Little Cormic was especially interested in the jar and kept telling us that it was the piano that was drinking, not him...

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